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Brief Report Handed-over The Donation
28/12/2002 (10:00)

KUTA, Bali (SuratkabarCom) - Donation for the victims of Bali Bombing has been handed over to 12 persons, 4 persons are the victims and the rest is the children whose father passed away suddenly caused by the bombing.

At 10am we made a press conference on this matter. Presents on that time are local journalist and also Japanese Consul in Denpasar, Bali, Mr. Kaoru Hata. After the press conference we invited the all recipients into the room and we handed-over one by one the donation (cash inside white envelope) and they openned the envelope, counting the money in front of Indonesian press people as a witness, and all have confirmed they have the precise amount of money Rp.500.000,- each cash on their hands.

The humanitarian donation were given to them in the form of monthly humanitarian assistance (in Indonesia language we called it Bantuan Bulanan Kemanusiaan or BBK) for one year. This form of donation is similar like scholarship.

For the first time donation handed over, we decided to give them 5 months in advanced. Therefore on December 26, 2002 all persons have received Rp.500.000,- because every month we should give them Rp.100.000,-.

Then starting from May 2003 until at the end of November 2003, every month we will transfer directly through Bank BCA amounting to Rp.100.000,- each persons.

The donation given to them is only a part of the total amount of the incoming donation. Means, thereํs still a lot of money could be used for helping another victims.

Therefore during the press conference we made an appeal to invite other victims to provide their information necessary to us and after several consideration, we will hand over too the BBK to them.

That is the first priority. The next priority is for Indonesian children that study in the school in Bali from elementary school (SD) up to first high school (SLTP). Certainly they have to provide all necessary documents which tell us that the children really needed to be helped and proper to have the donation (BBK) up to one year.

The 12 persons whose names are written bellow, have fulfill all the necessary requirements by giving us a copy of formal and official documents, that we will not publish here on the website refto the confidentiality.

1. Lucky D. Fredianto
2. Devi Agus Setyarini
3. Nyoman Purnama
4. Made Bisma
5. Wayan Limna Rarasanti
6. Putu Purnama Putra
7. Wayan Suarthana
8. I PutuAgus Sukandiasa
9. Maximus Wangge
10. Kanisius Johardi
11. Alifia Nr
12. Hafidq Sid

The total donation we have received is 651,000 yen (Rp.47.197.500,-) and US$170 (Rp.1.457.500,-). Therefore the total fund in Rupiah (Indonesian currency) is Rp.48.655.000,-.

That fund was used and handed over to the 12 persons, including their transportation fee (visa-versa) from their home to the place we delivered th fund (Bali Dynasty Hotel Kuta), plus our transportation to survey, visited directly to their home, made interview, etc.etc, during 25 and 26 December 2002 (Amounting to Rp500.000,-).

After calculation, we found the rest of the donation still available, amounting to Rp.41.795.000,- and this fund was deposit into Bank BCA, Kuta Branch, Bali.

News regarding the handed over of the donation could be seen at Bali Post newspaper, Koran Nusa, and Radar Bali Jawa Pos.

We could read also an article published at Denpasar Post, that nowadays a lot of people using the name of Bali Tragedy but actually no more than only for their own benefit.

Hopefully this brief report could fulfill your interest on this donation activities.

Please allow us again to thanks to all friends, organizations and the people who helping us very much from their own deepest heart. Our deepest gratitude for you and may God bless us to help our brothers and sisters in Bali.

Recipient candidate as was writer above, who are interesting to have the BBK, should contact us at PO BOX 4727, Jakarta 10001, Indonesia, together with some original documentations from the local authorities and or from the public opinion leaders, etc.etc.

Through email, you could contact us at :

After we have received your letter, we will consider and let you know the result aftherthat.

Thank you.

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