Variety of Postal Products and Services

Standard service provided in all post offices with uniform rates for domestic as well as for international connections. Letter-post items comprise letters, post-cards, letter-cards, printed matter, magazines, cecogrammes, and small packets. 

An urgent domestic mail services covering the whole country with priority in transmission and delivery. 

A special urgent domestic mail services equivalent to international Express Mail Service (EMS) with guaranteed delivery service of 24 hours for direct links and 48 hours for indirect links. The service network covers 220 cities/towns in the provinces, municipalities, districts and sub-districts of Indonesia. 
This is an international postal courier service specially tailored to deliver your urgent letters, documents, and merchandise to 46 countries in the world with track and trace facilities. The delivery is guaranteed within 2 to 5 days depending on the country of destination. 
A hybrid service for sending large number of business letters electronically with physical in a closed envelope. The delivery is guaranteed within 6 hours from the time of posting. 
This is the same product as electronic letter service for the purpose of sending greetings and sympathies. 
A hybrid service for sending large number of business letters electronically with physical delivery. This is the most appropriate solution for mass correspondence since the whole process from printing , folding, enveloping and sealing is done by means of computers with high degree of speed while the delivery is done physically. 
Presently this service is provided by the Mail Center of Jakarta. 
A service for sending or transferring money to any destination within the country. Various type of money orders are available : ordinary money order, urgent money order, special urgent money order, electronic money order, subscribed money order, and cash on delivery money order. International money order service is also available to a number of countries. 
This is a transferred account service for deposit and payment of various transactions both for individual account holders and for corporate account holders. 
The service is provided for facilitating travelers to encash their postal travelers' cheques in any post office within the country when they need funds during their travel. The cheques are offered at the nominal value from Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 250.000,- . A number of hotels, restaurants, travel bureaus and other business entities accept postal travelers' cheques as an instrument of payment. 
This is type of service which offers an efficient and economical way of sending articles, goods or almost anything to almost anywhere in the country and abroad. This service is available at all post offices. Parcels are classified according to the mode of conveyance, i.e. : 

- surface parcels for land/sea conveyance; 
- air parcels for air conveyance. 

For java, Sumatra and Bali islands the conveyance is carried out by means of Pos Indonesia's own transportation fleet called ARPAK. 
In order to serve the population scattered throughout the country . Pos Indonesia in cooperation with its partners provides mail order business service as a solution for long distance shopping of various products needed by them. The consumers may obtain selected products with uniform price throughout Indonesia. 
Descriptions and illustrations of the products are contained in catalogues or brochures published periodically. Mail order business also provides benefits to manufacturers/producers since they can have access to the national market without having to have a distribution network of their own. 
A variety of value added services known as POST PLUS are offered to provide solution to customers for all categories of postal items. The first priority given by POST PLUS is its flexibility and reliability in providing customised services in response to the need of customers, such as : 

a. KHIS (Same day delivery service) 
b. KES (Next day delivery service) 
c. Special treatment of postal items, including the method of posting, payment and advice of delivery to their addressees. 

This service is provided for the fulfilment of hobby in collecting stamps and philatelic products among collectors and philatelists. A variety of attractive philatelic products have been and will continue to be developed and produced to increase the number of collectors and philatelists. In view of the potential of philately and in order to improve our service to collectors, philatelists, and philatelic dealers, a Philatelic Division has been created to deal with this matter exclusively and in a dedicated manner. 

Wasantara-net is a backbone for national information system which provides customers with an information network for obtaining and exchanging information electronically. 
As a National Information System Network, Wasantara-net provides services in all the capitals of the 27 provinces of our country and 51 towns. 
The W-Net outlets which are spread over the whole country will bring in efficiency in accessing global information. The society is able to make the best use of W-Net through their own PCs or if they do not have PCs of their own, they may have access through Warung Pos Internet (Warposnet-Cybercafe) available at post offices and other places. 
A Service outlet providing postal, telecommunication and other services including stationery and goods needed by customers. This type of facility is meant to provide convenience to customers since the concept used here is "one stop shopping". 
Postshop is located either within a post office or in any other strategic location. 

This mobile marketing service is meant to provide better facilities to customers by discharging the postmen during their delivery beats to sell stamps and other postal products, accept mails for dispatch from sending customers, and receive complaints lodged by customers. 

To facilities customers in making contact with the post offices, a toll free phone call facility is provided having three digits which can easily be remembered by customers. 
All information needed by customers such as type of services offered and their rates, pick up service, complaints, etc., may be supplied by this HALO POS-161. This post call with three digits is uniform for all towns within the country. 
By providing this facility, post offices are encouraged to be ready to serve customers who, on the other hand, have easy access to post office with less cost and time. 
Agency services are provided by Pos Indonesia for third parties' interest as they are listed hereunder : 

  • Savings and payments for Bank Tabungan Negara (State Savings Bank);
  • Collection from pensioners' pensions for the sake of Creditor Banks;
  • Pension payment of behalf of Taspen (Savings and Insurance Agency for Pensioners) and ASABRI (Armed Forces Insurance Agency), and
  • Sales of revenue stamps on behalf of Directorate General of Taxes.