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The "Federation Internationale de Philatelie" [FIP] was founded in Paris in 1926, by representatives from seven countries, with the main aim and objective of promoting philately in all its aspects on international level.

Presently it represents 69 member National Federations all over the world and 3 Continental Federations as associated members.

The Federation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, three Vice-Presidents and five Board Members. It's Secretariat is managed by the Secretary General.

Besides the Board, the FIP has eleven Commissions / Sections, each headed by a President/Leader and a bureau of six members. Each Commission/Section looks after a specialised fields of the hobby: Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Prevention and Detection of Forgeries, Maximaphily, Philatelic Literature, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Thematic Philately, Traditional Philately and Youth Philately.

The latest addition is the class for Revenue. Keen interest has been shown by philatelists in this new class and after successful experiments for three years National and World Exhibitions it has now been admitted as a permanent class.

The recent campaign launched by FIP against the harmful new issues by some of the Postal Administrations violating the Universal Postal Union (UPU) code of ethics for issue of postage stamps as adopted at the 1989 Washington Congress, have raised mixed feelings throughout the philatelic world.

This campaign has been launched with the active support of the Association Internationale Editeurs de Catalogues de Timbres-postes (ASCAT).
Recently there has been a successful in-depth interaction with the UPU on the problems of philately and a symposium was held in Berne in April 1991 between FIP, IFSDA, ASCAT and the Postal Administrations of the world. Cooperation between the three organizations has never been at its best as is seen today.

D.N. Jatia
President of FIP

FIP Directors (as per July 2002)
Official site of International Philatelic Federation [FIP]
List of Member Federations[FIP]

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