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  1. Beaupré Stamps (Harold Beaupré - Canada)
  2. The Bedford Company Want Lists - Approvals (United States)
  3. Bel-Aire Collectibles (United States)
  4. Bel-Aire Collectibles (Greg Kellermann - United States)
  5. Belarusian International Stamp Company Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (Rastsislau Permiakou and Mikhas Karpovich - Belarus)
  6. Belarusian International Stamp Company (Rostislav Permiakov - Belarus)
  7. Ben Rosenthal's Stamps and Covers for Sale (Ben Rosenthal - United States)
  8. Benham First Day Covers (United Kingdom)
  9. BESTamps U.S. Mint Stamps for Collectors (Closed until next year) (United States)
  10. Bick International Collectibles (Israel I. Bick - United States)
  11. Bill Barrell Ltd Great Britain Stamps and Postal History (Bill Barrell - United Kingdom)
  12. Bill Olcheski's Stamp Page (Bill Olcheski - United States)
  13. Bill's Philatelic Bargains (Bill Boomer - Canada)
  14. Birdland Stamps (Walter Bird - United States)
  15. Bjørn's Stamp Page (Bjørn Ommundsen - Norway)
  16. Bob Patkin U.S. First Day Covers and Postal History (United States)
  17. Bob's Stamp Page Classic U.S. Singles (Bob Adair - United States)
  18. Boekhouts Collectibles Mall : Stamps among other Collectibles (John Boekhout - United States)
  19. Bolaffi (Italy)
  20. Bombay Stamps (Bombay Stamps - United States)
  21. Booklets International : Booklets for Sale (Walter de Rooy - The Netherlands)
  22. Books on Philately (Leonard H. Hartmann - United States)
  23. Boswell's Dog Stamps, Cat Stamps, Horse Stamps, Custom Framing, Pins (United States)
  24. The Bretalex Stamp Company (Alexander Haimann - United States)
  25. Briefmarkenangebot aus aller Welt von Willy Pedersen (Willy Pedersen - Germany)
  26. Briefmarkenecke (Carsten Mai - Germany)
  27. Briefmarkenversand Rosemarie Greuel (Rosemarie Greuel - Germany)
  28. Britannia Albums (Barry Cross - United Kingdom)
  29. British Commonwealth Stamp Co. (Goetsch Clifford - United States)
  30. British Commonwealth Stamps (Mrs.B.N.Turner - United Kingdom)
  31. British First Day Covers Limited Edition FDCs For All British Commemorative Stamp Issues (AG Bradbury - United Kingdom)
  32. Britzer's Stamp Friends (Germany)
  33. Brodowski & Waldbach (Germany)
  34. Brookman Cover Company First Day Covers (United States)
  35. Brookman Stamp Company (Michael Jaffe - United States)
  36. Brown, MK-00D Bulgarian Stamps (Keith & Margie Brown - Bulgaria)
  37. Buffalo Stamp Scout Topicals (United States)
  38. Bulgarian Stamps (Krassimir Nikolov or Branimir Lambiev - Bulgaria)
  39. Bulloch VFNH (Peter Bulloch - Canada)
  40. Bulterman Filatelie (The Netherlands)
  41. Burde Enterprises (Marshall & Maureen Burde - United States)
  42. C & G Stamps Quality United States Stamps. From Classics Thru Ducks. Singles, Plate Blocks, Booklets, and PNCs. Over 1000 Photos. (Greg Reeves - United States)
  43. Campbell Paterson Ltd (Campbell Paterson Ltd. - New Zealand)
  44. Canada and Newfoundland Stamps for Sale (Philip Wolf - Canada)
  45. Postage Stamps of Canada and Provinces Price List (Viateur Matte - Canada)
  46. The Canadian Stamp Dealers' Association (CSDA - Canada)
  47. Canadian Stamps for Sale (Luc Champagne - Canada)
  48. Canadiana Philatelics
  49. Canal Zone, USA, British Area, and Worldwide for Sale (Wayne Worthington)
  50. Cancel Nations Stamp Company (Bob MacLachlan - United States)
  51. Candlish McCleery Ltd Great Britain (United Kingdom)
  52. Cappa World Wide Postage Stamps (Bill Evison - United States)
  53. Cappa World wide stamps (Mark Leon - United States)
  54. CarDan Company (CarDan Co. - United States)
  55. Carolina Coin and Stamp Inc. Authentic Confederate Stamps and Postal History (Tony Crumbley - United States)
  56. Carolina Collections (United States)
  57. Carolina Mountain Stamps (Sally Campbell - United States)
  58. Casa Filatelica Salvadorena Salvadorian Philatelic House (Benjamin Valencia - El Salvador)
  59. Cashat's Hand Painted First Day Covers (United States)
  60. Catalogo de sellos argentinos (Roberto Lerner - Argentina)
  61. Celmark Corp (United States)
  62. Chalon Stamps Ltd New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain and Pacific Island (Peter Whittaker - New Zealand)
  63. Jerseystamp & Phonecard Channel Island Stamps & Collections (Chris Ball - Jersey)
  64. Charis Stamps Worldwide Stamps (Marco Iskandar - Western Australia)
  65. Charity Signed Autographs Signed Covers from Great Britain (United Kingdom)
  66. Charlestown Stamps (Matt H. Matzoll - Australia)
  67. Chen and Tu's PhilatelicCorner Dealer in Hong Kong, Macau and British Empire Stamps (Paul Chan - Hong Kong)
  68. Chenaille Stamps (Ernie Chenaille - United States)
  69. ChiefJPS Stamps (John P. Standley - United States)
  70. China Philately Online (China)
  71. China Stamp Collections (NetAd - China)
  72. Chinese Stamps For Sale (Frank Wilson - United Kingdom)
  73. Chris' Stamp Room U.S. Used and Covers (United States)
  74. Christ Stamps Stamps and Supplies (Walter Christ - Germany)
  75. Christ Stamps (Germany)
  76. Christina Jones Stamp Collecting Packets, Single Stamps, Kiloware, Offpaper Mixtures & Lots (Chris Jones - United States)
  77. Christmas Seals, EFOs and Japan for Sale. (Betsy and Chuck - United States)
  78. Chuck Bigler Collectibles (Chuck Bigler - United States)
  79. CIA - Collectibles Insurance Agency Stamp Insurance (W. Danforth Walker - United States)
  80. Cindstamp Worldwide Cinderellas (C Stetson Thomas - United States)
  81. Clark Stamp Company United States Stamps (Lee R. Clark - United States)
  82. Col. Larry R. Davidson (Colonel Larry R. Davidson - United States)
  83. Collect-A-ROM Digizine Electronic Catalogue Browser (The Netherlands)
  84. Collectibles Insurance Agency Insurance For Collectors (United States)
  85. Collections Plus Packets and Mixtures, Mint and Used Sets of the World (Kevin Morgan - Australia)
  86. Collector's Corner Stamps (Australia)
  87. Collector's Supply House Retail Mail-Order Division of CWS (Dwight Stanley - Canada)
  88. Collectors Gallery (Ken Greenberg - United States)
  89. Collectors' Web: Philately (SIGA-Tadasu - Japan)
  90. Collectorsworld (Liechtenstein)
  91. CollectorWeb Stamp Auctions and Online Buying (Jim and Mike - United States)
  92. Colonial Postage Stamps British and German Colonies (Edward - Russia)
  93. Colonias Stamps United States, Canada and British Empire (John S. Colonias - United States)
  94. Colonias Stamps United States, Canada, British Empire (John S. Colonias - United States)
  95. Colorano Silk Cachets (United States)
  96. Commemoratives International, Ltd. Postage, Picture Postcards, FDC's (United States)
  97. Confederate States of America Stamps and Postal History (John L. Kimbrough MD - United States)
  98. Connecticut Cinderellas Worldwide Revenues and Cinderellas (Raymond E. Petersen - United States)
  99. Cool Stamps for Sale (Greg Caron Stamps - United States)
  100. Coughlin's (Ray L. Coughlin - United States)

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