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  1. Stamp Dealers International® (United States)
  2. Stamp (Belgium)
  3. Stamp Hunter Search Engine (George Marek - United States)
  4. Stamp Insurance Services (United Kingdom)
  5. Stamp It Up Cancelled Stamps Professionally Framed (Jamie Brown and Valerie Swack - United States)
  6. The Stamp of an Olympian (Stephen Tosti - United States)
  7. Stamp Professor (Frederick Bean - United States)
  8. Stamp Shop in Taiwan in Chinese (Taiwan)
  9. The Stamp Source: British Empire (Louis D. Loucks - United States)
  10. The Stamp Store (Dieter Dant - United States)
  11. Stamp Store (Korea)
  12. Stamp Studio (Bill Kemp - United States)
  13. Stamp Swap Shop Worldwide Approvals (Chad Cutler - United States)
  14. Stamp-Street (Japan)
  15. The Stamp-Tique, Inc. (Glenn Hanle - United States)
  16. Stamp2002 Baseball Stamps (Korea)
  17. StampandCoin (DeKalb Stamp and Coin Co. - United States)
  18. Stampazonia (Paul Marcano - Canada)
  19. Stampdile Ltd. (Stampdile Ltd. - United Kingdom)
  20. Stampede (Dareg Zabarah - Germany)
  21. StampFinder Global Electronic Stamp Exchange (Richard Lehmann, President - United States)
  22. Stampfinder FDC, PSE, Souvenir (Eric and Judy Dixon - Australia)
  23. Stampman Sales and Auctions (Western Australia)
  24. Stamps and Covers for Sale (Larry Piekenbrock - United States)
  25. Stamps and Philatelic Supplies for Sale (Michael Generali - United States)
  26. Stamps and Philately (SAMMLER.COM - Germany)
  27. Stamps and Philately (Stamps on the Net - Switzerland)
  28. Stamps and Supplies for Sale (Albert Bizzarro - Canada)
  29. Stamps Between Us (Michel Arvisais - Canada)
  30. Stamps By Dave Park U.S. Off Paper Packets, Plate Blocks, plus Canada by Scott Number (Dave Park - Canada)
  31. Stamps eStore (Indonesia)
  32. Stamps for Collectors General Foreign , Better Sets , Collections and Close Out Lots (Bruce A. Swensen - United States)
  33. Stamps For Collectors Princess Diana, Winnie the Pooh, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Mulan, Spice Girls (South Australia)
  34. Stamps for Collectors (Jerry B Bourque - United States)
  35. Stamps for Collectors (Jim Juracek - United States)
  36. Stamps for Collectors (Bruce McLean - Scotland)
  37. Stamps for Collectors (Stuart Katz - United States)
  38. Stamps for Sale (Spain, France, Japan and more) (Spanish Net Stamps - Spain)
  39. Stamps for Sale No Dealers (Robert Grant - Canada)
  40. Stamps for Sale (Jim McKellips - United States)
  41. Stamps for Sale (Premier Collectors Postal - United Kingdom)
  42. Stamps from the Netherlands (Arjen Dragt - Netherlands)
  43. Stamps Gallery (Russia)
  44. Stamps Galore Stamps for sale (Martin Rautjarvi - Finland)
  45. Stamps International (Stamps International - Australia)
  46. The Stamps Mall (Acacia Online)
  47. Stamps n' Stuff (B. Koepp - United States)
  48. Stamps of Bulgaria & Rest of the World (Bulgaria)
  49. Stamps of the World (George Pirotte - France)
  50. Stamps on the Web (Rob van de Weghe - Netherlands)
  51. Stamps Online (Germany)
  52. Stamps Oversea Topics Mint and Postcards (Claudia Greuel - Germany)
  53. Stamps Shop (Germany)
  54. Stamps Studio (Austria)
  55. Stamps World Center (Florent Plancot - France)
  56. Stamps World India Indian Stamps (India)
  57. Stamps: Amazing and Rare Stamps Thailand and Worldwide Classics (Josef Waigand - Germany)
  58. Stamps, Albums and Supplies Software for Sale (Russ Romei - United States)
  59. Mailing and Shipping Solutions (United States)
  60. Stamps2Buy Themed Stamps. Hollywood, Sports, Transportation, etc. (United Kingdom)
  61. - Moo Stamp Company (Chuck Moo - United States)
  62. Stampstudios Homepage (Bill Kemp - United States)
  63. (Alan Anderson - United States)
  64. Stanley Gibbons Latest Stamp News, Free E-mail Newsletters, Quality Great Britain, Commonwealth, European and World Stamps and Online Auctions (Daniel Feane - United Kingdom)
  65. Stanley Gibbons (Stanley Gibbons - United Kingdom)
  66. Stanley Lisica (Peter Hagler - United States)
  67. Stateside Stamps (Stephen P. Reedy - United States)
  68. Stavanger Frimerke - Mynt - Telekort (Norway)
  69. The Stephen B Stamp Company British CommonWealth (United States)
  70. Stephen, K.Y. Cheung Hong Kong, P.R.of China, Macau, Taiwan, Canada (Hong Kong)
  71. Steve Chandler Online Sales (Steve Chandler - United States)
  72. Steve Malack Stamps Stamps and Coins for sale (Steve Malack - United States)
  73. Steve Malack Stamps U.S. Stamps and Coins (United States)
  74. Steveston Stamp Auctions Ltd. (John Maunsell - Canada)
  75. STS-51L Memorial Home Page (Dr Ross J Smith - Australia)
  76. Subway Stamp Shop America's Largest Stamp Album and Supply Company (Hugh M Goldberg - United States)
  77. Supplies for Stamp and Coin Collectors (Lighthouse Publications - Germany)
  78. SW Graham Stamps of Nazi Germany, Postal history of 20th century Germany, circa 1918-1954 (Shawn Graham - United States)
  79. Swedish Stamp and Postcard Magazine (Bo Bergforsen)
  80. Swedish Stampbooklets (Christoffer Trygg - Sweden)
  81. Swiss and Liechetenstein Duplicates for Sale (Bruce Marsden - United States)
  82. Sydney Philatelics Pty Ltd Australasia, British Commonwealth, Booklets, Asia (Sydney Phil. Pty. Ltd. - Australia)
  83. Sylvester Stamps and Covers of the World (Stacey Sylvester - Canada)
  84. T and T Philatelics (Gary Webb - United States)
  85. T/M Enterprises Western European and British Commonwealth (Tina McMillan - United States)
  86. T.M.A. Stamps (TMA Stamps - Indonesia)
  87. Targum Stamps (Daniel Lewenstein - Israel)
  88. Tazi Tiger's Den: The Stamp Place Tasmania, Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory, New Zealand, Great Britain and all Pacific countries (David Newell - Australia)
  89. TCStamp Hong Kong, Macau and China Stamps (TC Net Company - Hong Kong)
  90. Tecol International (Victor Slonim - United States)
  91. (Spain)
  92. Terraphila (Dr. Peter Steinkamp - Germany)
  93. Terry A. Barnett First Day Covers of G.B. and Presentation Packs of G.B (United Kingdom)
  94. Thailand Stamp Online (Thaveepol C. - Thailand)
  95. The International House of Stamps (SIAM) (Thailand)
  96. The Online Stamp Shop Greece, Malagasy Republic, South Africa, Uruguay (Michael Generali - United States)
  97. The Stamp Store U.S. and Foreign Mint and Used (Dieter Dant - United States)
  98. The Stamp-Tique, Inc. United States and Canada (Glenn B. Hanle - United States)
  99. The Stamproom (United Kingdom)
  100. Thematic Stamp Catalogues (Domfil - Spain)

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