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  1. LandC Stamps (Lois and Carl King - United States)
  2. Laraway Stamp Shop and Gallery (David Laraway - United States)
  3. Lars E. Ohlson Swedish Stamps (Sweden)
  4. Latin Stamp Stamps of Central and South America
  5. Laurentian Stamps & Coins (Andre Viau - Canada)
  6. LC Stamps (Lee R. Clark - United States)
  7. Lebanon Stamp Shop British Colonies and General Foreign (United States)
  8. Lehmann Christmas Test Seal Covers (Douglas Lehmann - United States)
  9. Lema Timbres Vatican, SMOM, France, Italy (France)
  10. Len Jury New Zealand Stamps and Auctions (New Zealand)
  11. Leonard Schleicher Co. Stamps of the British Commonwealth and the World (Leonard Schleicher Co. - United States)
  12. Letters and Postcards (Norway)
  13. Lex Geys Postal History Site (Lex Geys - Netherlands)
  14. Lindner Hingeless Albums (United States)
  15. (Roy & Debbie Lingen - Canada)
  16. Linn's Zillions of Stamps (Steve Ferda - United States)
  17. Long Beach Philatelics (Larry Phillips - United States)

    LOVE INDONESIA PHILATELY The most comprehensive Indonesian Website (Richard Susilo - Indonesia)

  18. Luk Vanduffel bvba (Luk Vanduffel - Belgium)
  19. Luray-Belmont Co. Former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia Republics (Raymond W. Kerstetter - United States)
  20. M & S Stamps Great Britain 1840-1936 (Malcolm Sprei - United Kingdom)
  21. Mønter og Frimærker (Denmark)
  22. Macedonian Stamps (Sinisa Pavleski - Macedonia)
  23. Madarin Trading Co. (Warren Lu - United States)
  24. Maddy's Philatelic Service (Ed Yonelinas - Canada)
  25. Magan Stamps Arabia & Iran (United Kingdom)
  26. Magazzu Stamps Specializing in the Elusive and the Unusual (E.J. "Al" Magazzu - United States) - New URL "E.J. "AL" MAGAZZU" Click HERE
  27. Magnus Engstedts Swedish Stamp Page (Magnus Engstedt - Sweden)
  28. Mail by Rail (F. J. Wilson - England)
  29. Mail Order Stamps (Jamestown Stamp Company, Inc. - United States)
  30. Main Street Philatelic (Christopher Morrow - United States)
  31. Maine Stamp Shoppe (Maine Stamp Shoppe, Daniel Butler - United States)
  32. Maison Dupont Philatelie Stamps of France and Colonies (Laurent Dupont - France)
  33. Malaysia Philately & Phonecards (Ng Chee Leng - Malaysia)
  34. Malaysia Stamp (Lim Yeow Ming - Malaysia)
  35. MAR Historicals's World War II (Matthew Roth - United States)
  36. Marco Negrì Filatelia (Marco Negrì - Italy)
  37. Mari Collezionismo (Luca Falletta - Italy)
  38. Marilyn Monroe Stamps from AJ Arts Ltd (Mark Schachner - United States)
  39. Mario DeLotto Philatelics Canada and the Provinces (Mario DeLotto - United States)
  40. Mark Bloxham Stamps I.T Pickering World Famous Collection of Maltese Cross Cancellations (United Kingdom)
  41. Mark Brandon's Stamp Errors King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Modern Rarities and Printing Errors. (Mark Brandon - United Kingdom)
  42. Mark O'Neill's Philatelic Supplies (Mark O'Neill - England)
  43. Mark Sargent Stamps (Mark Sargent - United Kingdom)
  44. Marlen Stamp and Coin Ltd. (Michael Almeida - United States)
  45. Martin's Stamps for Sale (Martin Rautjarvi - Finland)
  46. Matteson Stamps (Nathan Matteson - United States)
  47. Matthew Crandell Philatelic Supplies (Matthew Crandell - United States)
  48. Matthew E. Liebson Postal History (United States)
  49. Mauritius Stamps and First Day Covers (Dinesh D - United States)
  50. Max Stern & Co. (Australia)
  51. Mayflower Traders. Ltd (Joseph S. Colello - United States)
  52. Mayo Postal History Worldwide Postal History and Thematic Meters (L. D. Mayo, Jr. - United States)
  53. MCXI Philatelics Europe and Colonies, British Commonwealth (Ralph Greenhut - United States)
  54. ME-FIL di Messeri Ugo Postal Stationery, San Marino, Vatican, Trieste and Italian Colonies (Italy)
  55. Meerdaal Fil Stamps of Belgium (Belgium)
  56. Mein Hobby Briefmarken (Guido Kolbe - Germany)
  57. Michael Ball Scandinavia and Arctic Region (United States)
  58. Michael Eastick & Associates P/L Stamps, Postal History, Coins, Banknotes, Collectables from Australia and the World (Australia)
  59. Michael Rogers Inc. Asian Philately, World Wide Stamps, Postal History & Postal Stationery (United States)
  60. Michael-Vermont Worldwide Postal History and Postcards (Michael McMorrow - United States)
  61. MICHEL Kataloge (Georg T. Jelinek - Germany)
  62. MICHEL Swiss Agency (Dieter Urschel - Switzerland)
  63. Michel (Germany)
  64. Middle East Stamps (Gary F. Paiste - United States)
  65. Mike Holt Great Britain Stamps from 1940 (United Kingdom)
  66. Military and Civil Censored Covers (A. Roeschmann - Denmark)
  67. Military and Civil Censored Mail WW2 for Sale (Allan Roeschmann - Denmark)
  68. Millennium Commemorative Covers Limited First Day and Commemorative Covers (Peter Jennings, Chairman - United Kingdom)
  69. Miller's Stamp Shop U.S. Classics (United States)
  70. Miller's Stamp Shop (Irving Miller - United States)
  71. Minnesota Stamp and Coin Company, Inc. (Rick Wolfe - United States)
  72. MLG Stamps (United States)
  73. Modern Great Britain and Commonwealth Mint for Sale (Peter Gladman - United Kingdom)
  74. Modern Military Mail Collection (France)
  75. Modlow-Arvai Stamps Country Packets and Worldwide Approvals (Lawrence Modlow and William M. Arvai - United States)
  76. Modlow-Arvai Stamps (William M. Arvai - United States)
  77. Mowbray Collectables: House of Stamps Ltd New Zealand Stamps and Accessories (New Zealand)
  78. Multipress Verlag AG (Switzerland)
  79. Murray Payne Ltd King George VI (Stuart Murray Babbington and Richard George Payne Pollard (Dickon) - United Kingdom)
  80. The Mystery Box (Frederick Highland - United States)
  81. The Mystery Box (Ana Maria Gallo - United States)
  82. Nalbandian Enterprises Germany (Noubar Nalbandian - United States)
  83. Namib Stamps (Brian Basson - Namibia)
  84. Natick Stamps and Hobbies New Issues, FDCs, and Supplies (United States)
  85. National Wildlife Philatelics (Holt Boshart, General Manager - United States)
  86. The Natural World on Postage Stamps (Patrick Paxton - United States)
  87. Nederlandsche Postzegel- en Muntenveiling (The Netherlands)
  88. Neil Creative Media Full Service Philatelic Ad Agency (Randy Neil - United States)
  89. Nellemann's Stamp Military and Civil Mail from WW2 for Sale (Allan Roeschmann - Denmark)
  90. Nelson Brewart Stamps and Coins (Nelson Brewart - United States)
  91. NetSTAMPS WebZine (WebZine Pub. Grp. Dick Sine - United States)
  92. New Zealand & British Commonwealth Stamp Collecting & Postal Sales (Brian - New Zealand)
  93. New Zealand Stamps On-line (Auckland City Stamps, David Leng - New Zealand)
  94. Newfoundland Stamps for Sale (Richard Stead - Canada)
  95. NJM Cachets (Nathan Matteson - United States)
  96. No Limits Stamp Club (Steve Spoerl - United States)
  97. Noble's Catalog of Cacheted Inaugural Covers (Edward Krohn - United States)
  98. Nome Street Booklets of the World (United States)
  99. Nordic Stamps for Sale (Arto Nopanen - Finland)
  100. Nordisk Filateli (Morten Persson - Sweden)

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