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  1. Indian Stamps for Sale (Sheth Philateic Services, Mafatlal Sheth - India)
  2. Indigo French Colonies Stamps (Edward Wener - United States)
  3. Inter Stamp News (Denmark)
  4. Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation (United States)
  5. InterEgypt Egyptian Stamps, Banknotes, Postcards (Ehab Yousef - Egypt)
  6. The International Birdlife Stamp Collection (The Netherlands)
  7. The Internet Antique Shop Chat (United States)
  8. Internet Philatelic Shop (Czechoslovakia)
  9. Internet Philatelics (Mike McDermott - United States)
  10. Internet Philatelistic Shop Buy, Sell, Gallery, On-line Auction (Radomir Danenberger - Czech Republic)
  11. Interphil United States Stamps: eBay Auctions (United States)
  12. Interstamp Organisation ( - The Netherlands)
  13. Interstamps (Guy Maggay - Switzerland)
  14. InterStamp (InterStamp - The Netherlands)
  15. Iowa Stamps and Coins United Staes Stamps and Supplies (Terry & Rebecca Holdridge - United States)
  16. IPLTD Iran, Turkey, Germany (Fatih Goca - Turkey)
  17. Ireland Stamps Irish and European Stamps, First Day Covers, and Postal History (Eoin Boyle - Ireland)
  18. ISFILA AS Auctions and Stamp Sales (Turkey)
  19. Island Stamp and Coin (Dick Bland - United States)
  20. Italian Philatelic Dealers Association - Tuscany Section (Ugo Messeri, President - Italy)
  21. IVYDEE Philatelic Services Auction, Approvals, and Sales (United Kingdom)
  22. J C Stamp Collection China and Hong Kong (JC Stamp.Corp)
  23. J Sanders (Philatelist) Ltd (Alan Sanders - United Kingdom)
  24. J's Home Page Stamps for Sale (James Ford - Canada)
  25. J. Barefoot Ltd Older Stamps of Europe (John Barefoot - United Kingdom)
  26. J. C. Stamp Collection China and Hong Kong (Johnny Choi)
  27. J. Garvey & Sons Mail Auctions, Mail Orders, Appraisals (Joseph Sr. and Les Garvey - Canada)
  28. J.A.S.C. British Empire, United States (United States)
  29. Jack and Jill's Kiloware (Jack Kaminsky - United States)
  30. Jacques-Cartier Stamps (Hugo Deshaye - Canada)
  31. James E. Lee's Philately on the Web (James Lee - United States)
  32. James E. Stanton Stamp Showroom (James E. Stanton)
  33. James Song Philatelics Straits Settlements, Malaya, Singapore, Burma, Japanese Occupation (James Song - Singapore)
  34. James T. McCusker, Inc. (James McCusker - United States)
  35. Jamestown Stamp Company Approvals (United States)
  36. Japan Philatelic Group Japanese Philately (Kenneth G. Clark - United Kingdom)
  37. Japan, Ryukyus, and Worldwide for Sale (George C. Baxley - United States)
  38. Japanese Stamps (Patrick Lehne - United States)
  39. Jay Smith & Associates Scandinavian Philately (United States)
  40. JC Cachet (Sean Connolly - United States)
  41. JCM Museum Shop (FIVE/CINQ Unlimited - Canada)
  42. JCM Museum Shop (Jas W Felter - Canada)
  43. Jean De La Fontaine Stamps For Collectors (United States)
  44. Jean De La Fontaine Stamps for Collectors (France)
  45. Jeanile Stamps France and Canada Specialists (Canada)
  46. Jenny Ash Stamps United States Stamps (Andy Nichols - United States)
  47. Jerome Gunderson Stamp Company (United States)
  48. Jerome Gunderson Stamp Dealer (Jerome Gunderson - United States)
  49. Jerseystamp & Phonecard (United Kingdom)
  50. Jerseystamp & Phonecard Channel Island Stamps & Collections (Chris Ball - Jersey)
  51. Jim Forte Postal History United States and Worldwide Postal History (Jim Forte - United States)
  52. JOBI Philatelic Services United States and Worldwide. Specializing in Postal History. (Bill Lehr - United States)
  53. JOBI Philatelic Services (Bill Lehr - United States)
  54. Joe Frasketi's Space Covers (Tony Frasketi - United States)
  55. John De La Fontaine Stamp Dealer (John De La Fontaine - United States)
  56. John De La Fontaine (Jean De La Fontaine - France)
  57. John E. Nelson U.S. and Worldwide (United States)
  58. John H. Talman Auctions, Retail (Canada)
  59. John Lister Limited British Commonwealth (David Lister - United Kingdom)
  60. John Martino Philatelics Worldwide Approvals (John Martino - United States)
  61. John Matthews Great Britain, Germany, Kuwait, Thailand, Bahain (United Kingdom)
  62. John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd. Public Stamp Auctions, Retail Offerings (John Sheffield - Canada)
  63. John Van Alstyne Stamps & Supplies (John Van Alstyne - United States)
  64. Jonal Art Covers Hand-Painted Covers (Eunice Alter - United States)
  65. Jonathan Gilbert Stamps British First Day Covers (Jonathon Gilbert - United Kingdom)
  66. Jonathan Tung World Wildlife Fund, Hong Kong, PR China and Other Topical Issues from South East Asian Countries (Jonathan Tung - Hong Kong)
  67. Jonny's Samlerservice (Jonny Øen - Norway)
  68. Judaica Sales (Isidore Baum - Canada)
  69. Judnick Postcards Covers & Stamps (United States)
  70. Juniper Covers Ltd. (Hugh V. Feldman - United Kingdom)
  71. Just Wendy Themes Topical Stamps (W. White - United Kingdom)
  72. Juvelar First Day Covers, Souvenir Cards, and Fancy Cancels for United States Stamps (United States)
  73. KABE Stamp Albums (Axel Stuerken - Germany)
  74. KABEalbums (Gerhard Weber - United States)
  75. Kanawha Coin Shop : U.S. and Foreign Stamps (Doug Bumgardner - United States)
  76. Kandi Ab (Robert Stolt - Sweden)
  77. Kangaroo Crossing Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea stamps for sale (Allan Bush - United States)
  78. Karelia Stamps (Karelia Stamps - Finland)
  79. Karl A Norsten AB (Karl A Norsten - Sweden)
  80. Keimar Stamps Worldwide Stamps and Topicals (Keith or Mary Rathbone - United States)
  81. Keimar Stamps (Keith or Mary Rathbone - United States)
  82. Keith Rodman Stamps British Commonwealth Specializing in Rhodesia from 1892 to 1980, Zimbabwe, South Africa, South West Africa (South Africa)
  83. Ken Srail United States Pre-1940 and 1893 Columbian and 1901 Pan-American World's Fair Memorabilia (United States)
  84. Kennedy Stamps (Robert Kennedy - Australia)
  85. KGVI Stamps British Colonies - King George VI (Tom Cusick - United States)
  86. Kiloware for Sale (Douglas Dobson - United States)
  87. Kinnersley Castle Studio GB Postal History & Cover Specialist (Robert Danzig - United Kingdom)
  88. Kiva Stamps Stamp Collecting, Philately (KIVA - France)
  89. Kiva (France)
  90. Kiwiana Stamp Co (New Zealand)
  91. KOBRA - Sammlerbedarf (Frank Schlattner - Germany)
  92. Kontinent: The Rarest Stamps in the World (Jose Segarra - Spain)
  93. Korean Philatelic Co. Ltd. 2001 KPC-Korean Postage Stamp Catalog (Kwang -won Lee, President - Korea)
  94. Kostamp (Korea)
  95. L & E Stamps (Laura & Elbert Pillers - United States)
  96. L & M Stamp Co (H. Lynn McGowan - United States)
  97. La Maison du Timbre (Stamp House) French stamps and French Colonies, Andorre, Monaco, Europa (Christian Isaac - France)
  98. La Postale Philatelie Stamps of France (France)
  99. The Ladd Stamp Centre Cats on Stamps (United States)
  100. Lakeshore Philatelics (T.Horvath - Canada)

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