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  1. The Quality Company Irish Postage Stamps and Framed Postal Art (Ray Graham - Ireland)
  2. Quality Philatelics Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines (United States)
  3. QVPennies (Geoffrey Chappell - United Kingdom)
  4. R. Getz Philatelics United States Issues, Approvals, and Mixtures (Ronald F. Getz - United States)
  5. Radophil Co Philately of Moldova (Moldova)
  6. Railway-Bird-Butterfly Stamps for Sale (Paper Heritage - United Kingdom)
  7. Rainbow Stamps (Vanessa Frank - Australia)
  8. Rainer's Stamp Corner : Fine Stamps and Postal History Worldwide (Rainer Fuchs - Germany)
  9. Rainy Day Postal Stationery & More (Myron L Haun - United States)
  10. Randy Hart Stamps and Coins (United States)
  11. Raphael Stamps Australia, China, Hong Kong, Worldwide Thematics (Alice Zhang Li - Australia)
  12. Raven Stamps Ireland (Ireland)
  13. Ray Birch Stamps Non Commonwealth Countries (United Kingdom)
  14. Red Dwarf First Day Covers (United Kingdom)
  15. Red Star Stamps (Michael Breen - United States)
  16. Retail Stamp Store (Seaside Book and Stamp - Gerry Tucker)
  17. Richard Borek GmbH & Co. KG (Jens Heise-Engelschalk - Germany)
  18. Richard Stead's Stamp Page Newfoundland, Channel Islands, Iceland, Faroe Islands (Canada)
  19. Richard Stenlake Postcards (United Kingdom)
  20. Richard's Stamps (Richard Muller - United States)
  21. Rigastamps (United States)
  22. Robert Barker (United States)
  23. Robert Murray Stamp Shop (Robert Murray - Scotland)
  24. Robin Linke Australian Stamp Dealer Australia & the South Pacific (Australia)
  25. Robinhood Stamp Company (Chris Howard - United Kingdom)
  26. Robinson Stamps and Covers German Stamps (Sweden)
  27. Robstine Stamps (Robstine Stamps - United Kingdom)
  28. Rochester Philatelic Association (Thomas M. Fortunato - United States)
  29. Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (Larry Piekenbrock - United States)
  30. Rolf Gummesson AB Scandinavian Stamps for Sale Since 1939 (Per Gummesson - Sweden)
  31. Romanian Stamps for Sale or Exchange (Valentin Robu - Romania)
  32. Romano House of Stamp Sales Ltd. Auctions, Stamps, Supplies (Israel)
  33. Romberg Philatelie GmbH (Germany)
  34. Royale Stamp Great Britain including Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man & Alderney (United Kingdom)
  35. Russia Stamps (Konstantin Grinchenko - Ukraine)
  36. Russian Postage Stamps (Nataly K. - Russia)
  37. Russian Stamps with Ships for Sale (Simonenko Oleg - Russia)
  38. S&C Stamps and Collectibles (Bobby Castle & Susan Tucker - United States)
  39. S.C.Virtes Stamps (S.C.Virtes - United States)
  40. Saad Philately (France)
  41. SAFE Swiss Agency (Dieter Urschel - Switzerland)
  42. SAFE Collecting Supplies (United States)
  43. Sahara Stamps Stamps and Postal History (Irina Dyomkina - United Kingdom)
  44. Salvation Army Collectables Memorabilia Including Stamps and Covers (Adele Miller - United Kingdom)
  45. Sam Houston Duck Co. Sam Houston Philatelics (United States)
  46. Samler-Borsen (Norway)
  47. Samleriet (Tor Andre` Paulsen - Norway)
  48. Sarawakian Philatelic Centre China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sarawak, USA (Malaysia)
  49. Saskatoon Stamp Centre (John Jamieson - Canada)
  50. SBZ - Swiss Philatelic Newspaper (Markus Seitz - Switzerland)
  51. Schauss Philatelics Indonesia, Philippines (Alex Schauss - United States)
  52. Schmitt Investors Ltd. Postal History (Fred Schmitt - United States)
  53. Schmitt Investors Ltd. (Fred Schmitt - United States)
  54. Scotia Philately (Colin Harding - United Kingdom)
  55. Scotstamps Great Britain and the British Commonwealth (David Buchanan - Scotland)
  56. Scott Kitchen's Stamps (Scott Kitchen - United States)
  57. Scott Publishing (United States)
  58. Scott Starling European Stamps Mail Order Stamps (Dr. Scott Starling - Australia)
  59. SDC Stamps German and Canada stamps (David Correia - Canada)
  60. Serge K. Nikolaev (Serge Nikolaev - Latvia)
  61. Seven Continents Philatelics United States Stamps, Worldwide Disney Stamps (Frank Bachenheimer - United States)
  62. Seven Seas Stamps Pty Ltd Stamps and Philatelic Supplies (Australia)
  63. Shades Stamp Shop Ltd (Steven McLachlan - New Zealand)
  64. Shamrock Stamps (Shamrock Stamps, Patrick Hartnett - Canada)
  65. Sherwood Commemoratives Pty Ltd (Australia)
  66. Sheth Philatelic Services Indian Stamps for Sale (Mafatlal Sheth - India)
  67. Sidney Fenemore Postal History Gallery (United Kingdom)
  68. Sidney Fenemore Postal History & Postcards (United Kingdom)
  69. Significant Books State Ducks, China Peoples Republic, Revenue and Telegraph Stamps, and Philatelic Literature (United States)
  70. Silombra House (Jean Silombra - France)
  71. Simon Andrews Stamps Thailand, North Borneo, Sarawak, Hong Kong & China (Simon Andrews - United Kingdom)
  72. Simon Dunkerley Pty. Ltd Australian Colonies, Commonwealth, Territories and Pacific (Australia)
  73. SING Stamps Singapore Stamps (Singapore)
  74. SING Stamps (Singapore)
  75. Skilling Online Covers and Postcards Sale (Jan Bendix - Denmark)
  76. Sliema Stamp Shop Malta Specialists (Malta)
  77. Smith and Son On-line U.S. Stamps and Artcraft FDC (Irwin D. Smith - United States)
  78. Solomon Islands Stamps
  79. South Auckland Philatelic Trading Company Stamp Collections and Accumulations (United Zealand)
  80. South Yarra Stamps : Auctions and Price Lists (Mike Hill - Australia)
  81. Space and other Topical Covers (Joe Frasketi - United States)
  82. Space Philatelics Spaceflight Covers, Stamps, and Postal History (Rayhill and Associates - United States)
  83. Spaghetti Stamps (Maurizio Giovanni - Italy)
  84. Spesialforetning i Frimerker (Trondhjems Samlerbors - Norway)
  85. Sprague Stamps Selling Dead Countries, Worlwide, and Topicals (Fred Sprague - United States)
  86. ST Friend (Korea)
  87. Stéphabel Stamps for Collectors Auctions, Stamps for Sale (Canada)
  88. Stamp Accessories (Michael Kay - United Kingdom)
  89. The Stamp and Coin Store (Stamp and Coin Store - United States)
  90. Stamp and Coin Supplies (Freeway Supplies, a Division of Scott-Edelman Supply - United States)
  91. Stamp and Cover Page (Ed Kosciolek - United States)
  92. Stamp and Postal Stationery Sites (Andrew Gondocz - Canada)
  93. Stamp Auctions (Estudio 20 - Argentina)
  94. Stamp Bank India Supplier of Stamps, FDC's and Banknotes of India (Navin Lobo - India)
  95. Stamp Cafe New Issues from Around the World
  96. Stamp China People's Republic of China after the Year of 1974 (United States)
  97. Stamp Collecting includes John Lennon stamps (Don Mullins - United States)
  98. Stamp Collections Price List (Ray Smith - Canada)
  99. Stamp Collectors' Treasure Chest (Debbeler Co. - United States)
  100. The Stamp Dad Mint Canada (Dave Ramsay - Canada)

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