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  1. 3Pod Stamps (Rod Popper - Australia)
  2. A and R Collectibles (A and R Collectibles - United States)
  3. A and R Worldwide Worldwide Topical Stamps and Souvenir Sheets (Leonard and Socorro Rosow - United States)
  4. A and V Collectibles Appraisals, Auctions, Direct Sales (United States)
  5. A and V Collectibles (United States)
  6. A Catalogue of Telegraph and Revenue Stamps for Burma and Myanmar by Gerald Davis and Alan Meech (Richard Warren - United Kingdom)
  7. A de Ternant Great Britain from 1837 to 1935 (Barry Thompson - United Kingdom)
  8. A to Z Stamp Shop Canada and Great Britain (Reg & Helen McGiffin - United States)
  9. A-One Stamps Worldwide mail order stamps (A-One Stamps - Australia)
  10. A. J. Pearson - Dealer in Fine Postage Stamps of Great Britian & the Commonwealth (Anthony J. Pearson - United Kingdom)
  11. A.B. Kontinent Stamps for Sale (Ignacio Baixauli and Yolanda Sánchez)
  12. A.Karamitsos Stamps and Postal History of Greece and Greek Area, Cyprus, Levant, Olympics, Foreign Countries (Greece)
  13. A.R. Bunk Topicals: Autos, Aviation, Chess and Chess Covers, Costumes, Military Uniforms, Fish, Seashells, Trains, and Watercraft (United States)
  14. A.T. Philatelics British Commonwealth (United Kingdom)
  15. AAA Philatelic Service Stamp Approvals (United States)
  16. AB Philea (Christer Svensson - Sweden)
  17. ABC (Absolutely Beautiful Canadiana) Philatelic Art, Booklets, Cachets, Covers & Postcards (Nina Thunderbird Cameron - Canada)
  18. Abe Stamp Collection (Abe Gallery - United States)
  19. Academy Stamp Company (Marshall Goldberg - United States)
  20. Acadia Stamps (Reid Eisenhauer - Canada)
  21. AD Stamps (Andrew Dyer - England)
  22. Adminware Corporation Canadian Stamps (Robin Harris - Canada)
  23. Adolf Kosel KG Stamps, Letters, FDCs, Maximum Cards (Austria)
  24. Advertising Covers (Howard Rust - United States)
  25. Aero Collectables (Torsten Weller - Australia)
  26. Aerophilatelic Literature and Crash Covers for Sale (Ken Sanford - Switzerland)
  27. AFINSA Portugal (Portugal)
  28. AFINSA Philatelic and Numismatic Collecting (Spain)
  29. Agape Stamp Ministry Church Charity Selling Quality Kiloware and Recent Off Paper Used Australian and New Zealand (Australia)
  30. Agent Service, Stamps, Philatelic Supplies and Literature (Sherry Straley and John Van Alstyne - United States)
  31. Agreeable Stamp Store Singapore (Singapore)
  32. Agreeable Stamp Store (SF Chow - Singapore)
  33. Air Mails Of The British Commonwealth
  34. Airmail Collector (Colin Roberts - United Kingdom)
  35. Aktiv Software Corporation (Don Cal - Canada)
  36. Alan's Stamp Store (Alan C. Anderson)
  37. Albany Stamp Company (Steve Radin - United States)
  38. Alfin's Philatelic Connection (Ron Alfin - United States)
  39. Algerian Stamps and Sets (Aouya Abdelmoumen - Algeria)
  40. All Nations Stamp and Coin (Brian Grant Duff - Canada)
  41. Allabout Stamps (Australia)
  42. Allan Raw Philatics British Commonwealth (South Africa)
  43. AllStamps (Dick Brand - United Kingdom)
  44. Ally's Collectors Corner (Australia)
  45. Aloha Stamp & Coin (United States)
  46. Amagerbro Frimaerker-Copenhagen Stamp Shop (Harvey Rosenblum - Denmark)
  47. Amazing Rare Stamps (Josef Waigand - Germany)
  48. American - International Stamps, Coins, Currency, and Sport Cards (United States)
  49. American Coin and Stamp Exchange United States Stamps (John & Lotus DeFevers - United States)
  50. American Nostalgia Stamps United States Stamps (United States)
  51. American Philatelic Congress (Janet Klug - United States)
  52. American Stamp & Coin Co. U.S. & Worldwide (Dale L. Williams and Peter N. Spooner - United States)
  53. Americana Resources Antiques and Collectibles Including Stamps (United States)
  54. AmeriCom Philatelic Mint U.S. Stamps (Martin L. Barron, Jr.- United States)
  55. Amos Press Owners of Linn's and Scott (United States)
  56. An Easy Guide to Regummed, Altered, and Faked Stamps (Michael Taylor - United States)
  57. Andrew Levitt Philatelic Consultant (Randy L. Neil - United States)
  58. Anhng Collectibles (Vietnam)
  59. Anthony's Coins, Stamps, Paper (United States)
  60. AnyStamps Country Packets & Topical Packets (AnyStamps - United States)
  61. Apan Stamps and Collectibles Sports Plaques (United States)
  62. Apex Philatelics Ltd Approvals, Mixes, Auctions (United Kingdom)
  63. Approval and Exchange Service for Worldwide Stamps (Steven Haddock - Canada)
  64. Arctic Stamps Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland (Lórens Rafn - Iceland)
  65. Armstrong Philatelics (Patricia Dollar - United States)
  66. Arnika Swiss Stamp (Switzerland)
  67. Aron R. Halberstam Philatelists, Ltd. British Commonwealth (United States)
  68. Arpin Philately Inc. Stamps on Approval (Daniel Arpin - Canada)
  69. Artmaster Incorporated U.S. First Day Covers (United States)
  70. Artsakh - Arvest The Stamps of the Republic of Mountainous Karabakh (Serhey Kalantarian - Republic of Mountainous Karabakh)
  71. ASDA Stamp Bourse Online (United States)
  72. Ashok Mehta Philately, Handicrafts from India (India)
  73. ATM Wiedemann & Maier GbR ATM Stamps (Belgium)
  74. ATM wiedemann and Maier GbR Franking Labels (Dominique Maier - Germany)
  75. Australasian Philatelic Traders' Association Inc (APTA) (Australia)
  76. Australasian Stamp Dealers' Association (Roger Martin - Australia)
  77. Australia On-Line Stamps Stamps from Australia and The South Pacific (John Macdonald - Australia)
  78. Australian Coins, Stamps, Albums & Catalogues (Warren and Virginia Spence - Australia)
  79. Australian Philatelic Wholesalers PTY LTD (Adam FoX - Australia)
  80. Australian Sports Stamps (Noel G. Almeida - Australia)
  81. Australian Stamps (Glen Stephens - Australia)
  82. AVB Stamps U.S. Varieties, Precancels, Untagged Errors (A.V. Bove - United States)
  83. Aztec Ranch (Paul Talbot - United States)
  84. B & B Stamps United States, Britain, and British Colonies (United States)
  85. B and P Ltd. Philately and Deliotology (Patty Holt and Bill Wade - United States)
  86. B. Trading Co. Stamps, Postal History, PostCards and Victorian Trade Cards (Alex Zdonick / Tracy Barber - United States)
  87. B.A. Finkelstein Israel Year Sets (United States)
  88. B.A.D. Stamps (B. A. David - United States)
  89. Bailey Stamps Lots & Collections, Topicals, Foreign, United States and Souvenir Sheets (United States)
  90. Bait Tov Topical & Countries Packets, Israel Stamps (Zvi Tov - Israel)
  91. Balloon Mail (Rob Leigh - United States)
  92. Ballston Philatelics (William Sandrik - United States)
  93. The Media Stamps of Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
  94. Bangladesh Stamps for Sale (Mohammed A Hasnat - United States)
  95. Bardo Stamps For Collectors (Jim Bardo - United States)
  96. Barry and Gerry Covers First Day Covers (United States)
  97. Bartels Stamp Company (Andrew Bartels - United States)
  98. Battles Stamp Trading and Auction Page (William Battles - United States)
  99. BC-InterStamps (Jorgen S Aabech - Norway)
  100. Beach Philatelics and Atlantic Coast Exhibitions United States Stamps (Tim Odom - United States)

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